Sunday, June 27, 2010

Ana Welcomes All the People of Earth!

Ana almost never comments on the posts made to her blog. As we have noted several times before, she is by nature a private person. Even so, she has let us know that she has been amazed, pleasantly so, by the visitors who have come here. Many visitors do so intentionally, of course, interested in matters concerning her life and her stories, maps, cooking possibilities, literary and musical enthusiasms, and so forth. Others come less directly, by chance, perhaps searching for a poem about a cat, or a poem about caring for others, or simply for cats, or servals or caracals (particular kinds of cats).

No one who knows anything about her, however, would be surprised at her pleasure in having international visitors to her blog, quite literally from all around the globe. Ana was not born on Earth and didn't spend her formative years here. She's not invested in any of Earth's cultures or nations, or indeed, even the idea of nationhood. She sees people primarily as people, only secondarily connected to others by an often baffling number of ties.

Ana is far too intelligent and experienced to repeat the old cliche "Why can't we just all get along?" Still, much of what she believes and how she acts does not contradict that bit of hopeful idealism. She is delighted to be able to contact the people of an entire planet through her blog, no matter how humble.

And so she would like to warmly welcome all the people of Earth to her little blog: from Trinidad, from Cameroon, from Ireland, England, and France, from Australia and Japan, from Mexico and Russia, Canada, Bulgaria, Argentina, and from one end of the United States to the other: to all, a wholehearted greeting from Ana Darcy Méndez! She invites comments or questions from all!

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