Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Bad Cat, a Very Bad Cat

Even though she was born on another planet (bless her heart), it's well known that Ana and cats share a special wavelength. Ana has even taken to the family's dogs, despite initially being afraid of dogs, and despite the dogs, when puppies, eating an entire rose bush. But you may not know that Ana's relations with cats are not always smooth, either. There is the cat, for instance, in Distant Cousin: Reincarnation (DC3) that disobeyed her and made a bed on her prize blue cloak. leaving a thick mat of white hair behind. That was a major annoyance.

A more recent example of cat perfidy occurred when the family's two new rescue kittens came to live with them. If you know cats, you know that they are playful, especially when young. These two Siamese were teenagers--half grown--when Ana discovered one of their stunts, particularly aggravating to her, you may be sure. Neither kitten would confess, and since Ana was never one to punish the innocent, the only solution was to remove all music books from their access, and to store them securely out of reach in a cabinet. It would be one thing to ruin a book of music like the first one above, perhaps even proper, but the SECOND! That was a tragedy!

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