Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Meet Ana's Favorite Musician!

We have mentioned Rebecca Pechefsky, of the Brooklyn Baroque trio and internationally known harpsichordist, before. Ana has met her and heard her perform several times, and she was kind enough to perform and record Ana's "Musical Puzzler." Another piece from her splendid recording of Bach's Well Tempered Clavier struck Ana as what the universe would sound like if we could listen to the engine.

The harpsichord might be thought of as the grandfather of the piano (or the grandmother, perhaps). It has a beautiful, clear stringy sound that cuts to Ana's heart. Now there is a music video of the harpsichord that not only does justice to the sound but is visually stunning as well, and Rebecca Pechefsky is the performer!

See and hear her perform the French Overture by Johann Krebs, right here!

(The photo shows Ms. Pechefsky's Italian harpsichord. In the video she performs on her Flemish double harpsichord. You can even follow along in some of the music!)

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