Thursday, February 22, 2018

An apology

Visitors to this blog have enjoyed many of the poems extraterrestrial Ana Darcy loves. Her preferences are not as sophisticated as, say, an English professor's, but she's a sensitive, tender-hearted person and enjoys less abstract poems in English as deeply as native speakers do. This blog must contain links to two dozen or more of her favorites.

But now we owe Ana's readers an apology. To reproduce copyrighted poems here without permission is not fair, not to mention illegal. Instead, we give links to other sites which do have permission. Ana used to subscribe to a daily email from The Writers Almanac (TWA), which always offered a daily poem that Ana often loved. Probably the majority of the links to poetry in this blog are to TWA. Now, unfortunately, TWA has been closed and removed from the web, so readers who click those links now see a disclaimer page and no poem.

Here's an idea that might overcome that problem:

Last February, for example, many readers tried to click on Ana's favorite Valentine's Day poem only to come up with a disclaimer page. As it happens, however, if you search the web for "Being in Love, by Chungmi Kim" you will be taken to a page at The Poetry Foundation , and there is the lovely poem!

If this method does not always work, then you could search to buy the book, or, of course, try the library--always a good idea!

Ana's poems are listed way down the right column under the LOVE sculpture