Sunday, June 13, 2010

Pizza Experiment #4!

As promised several days ago, here are two more gourmet-quality pizzas, made using Ana's special pizza dough and sauce from boiled down garden fresh vine-ripened tomatoes. The first one looks conventional, though the sauce and dough are exceptional. It also uses fresh mozzarella and, for effect, small pieces of broccoli. Why not? You might also notice the Italian sausage on one segment, just in case there were a meat lover at the table.

The second pizza is the true star of the batch: half cooked thin potato slices, smoked gouda cheese, and lightly sauteed scallions...and no tomato sauce, only a light brushing with good quality olive oil. And yes, there's garlic. If you think this is too weird, or might not taste great, you are wrong! This is a terrific, prize-winning pizza!

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