Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pizza Brainstorm Ahead!

Ana finally has settled on her perfect recipe for pizza dough, a dough that produces a crunchy yet chewy pizza. We're told the particulars probably won't apply elsewhere around the world, since the recipe is fine-tuned for the altitude, temperature, and humidity where she lives. Most likely, a serious pizza lover will already have a good recipe worked out.

Ana's second innovation is to boil down fresh garden tomatos to make the sauce. Like most people who raise tomatos, her plants yield more fruit than her family can consume in a short time, before they stop bearing so much. She's found that rather than filling the freezer with bags of tomatos, the sauce can be frozen instead, saving much freezer space, yet it retains that wonderful fresh tomato tang when it's thawed for use.

Above are pictures of the dough, about ready to be punched down for the second time, and the sauce, about half boiled down. That's a bay leaf in with it, and there's some garlic, too. Ana also boils down enchilada sauce!

In the next post, we'll show several of the pizzas that resulted.

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