Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Art cars that Ana did NOT see, but that her son loved!

The next volume in the chronicles of the woman from outer space who returned to Earth, Ana Darcy Méndez (and her family) is not yet out, but there's no reason not to share with visitors an art exhibition that Ana's son was fascinated by. His mother was far away at the time, but her husband and son happened to be in the Beeville, Texas area when a remarkable exhibition of art cars and other work by Mark Scrapdaddy Bradford of Houston, was featured at the Beeville Art Museum.

Most of the photos below are of Mr. Bradford's art cars, special constructions which actually can be driven, and have been driven, in art car parades. The silver colored cars are covered, or plated, with spoons, believe it or not, thousands of spoons, discarded by an airline and rescued and put to new use by Mr. Bradford! Ana's son has declared Mr. Bradford to be a genius.

If Ana had been able to attend, she most likely would have loved some of Mr. Bradford's smaller works, several of which are also shown below.

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Share some of the art, poetry, and music of Earth that the gentle extraterrestrial Ana Darcy loves, in the right column under the photo of the LOVE sculpture.

Also you may read about Ana's wacky kitchen experiments with the cuisines of Earth, under the photo of cranberry/apple pie

In fact, there's no one like Ana. Learn a bit more about her here!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Ana loves a poem about a wife's secret, quiet moment with her husband

How often do you suppose someone from another planet ends up happily married to someone from this planet? 

We're not talking about a Star Wars romance. No, these two people could be your neighbors...if, that is, you lived on a country road in southern New Mexico.

Ana, the person from the planet Thomo, found a poem that reminded her so strongly of her loving relationship with her husband that she just had to add The Golden Hour, the book in which it appears, to her collection. 

There's a moment like the one in the poem in one of her stories, Distant Cousin: Reincarnation, as she watched her husband help their children on a wild bicycle ride. She pushed her fingers inside the waistband of his jeans and gave his belt several sharp tugs, saying, "You're a great father, Mr. Méndez," and kissed him on the cheek.

There's a similar private moment in the poem "Leaning In," by Sue Ellen Thompson. (See note below.*)

Ana's tastes in poetry and all things are heartfelt, eclectic, and straightforward. See more of her poems in the column at right, under the photo of the LOVE sculpture, including

*NOTE: The source website for some of Ana's favorite poems has been shut down (2017). There is a workaround that will take you to most of them, however. Please see this post. Thanks!

Ana's favorite poem, School Prayer

A recipe poem: Cranberry-Orange Relish

A love poem to a cat (Ana loves cats), one of at least three in the column

A poem about carpentry (which reminded her again of her husband)

And many, many more!