Saturday, July 24, 2010

Poem: Doing What Needs To Be Done

Ana has always had a straight-ahead manner about doing what needs to be done. That's evident from her stories, and it's also a trait appreciated by many of her neighbors. If something needs doing, say, at the local community center, she'll dig right in, while welcoming help from like-minded people.

Not everyone works this way, however. Some want to call meetings, elect officers, and talk over problems endlessly. Not Ana. A few people--we all know some--are put off by her independence and initiative.

Most likely, she learned this growing up in Thoman society, with its highly structured clan system. No matter how specialized one individual may be, all are responsible for the whole. That's probably a major difference between her culture and our own.

Ana said the poem "To be of use," by Marge Piercy, would be popular on Thomo.*

(The photo shows Ana speaking to a college sociology class.)

Poem: Caring for Others

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