Thursday, October 4, 2012

Still MORE Dia de los Muertos, Molas!

The items below were a part of the Folk Toys of the World (more here) exhibit which thrilled Ana Darcy so much. Her own people, on the planet Thomo, are not so exuberant nor whimsical in their art--except in their children's toys. Now that Ana has her own children and has worked and played with children around the world, she has found her soul opening to embrace the sheer, public joy of these creations. She's glad to share them!

These photos are generously sized to show details. Click any to start a slide show!

A detail from the above. These musicians are tiny!

Molas, as mentioned elsewhere on Ana's blog, are created from layers of material, intricately cut and stitched to make textile "paintings." They are made by the Kuna Indians, living on islands off the coast of Panama. Here we have birds, one with a broom and one with a fish! Amazing!

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