Friday, October 26, 2012

Guess who's reading Distant Cousin?

You might be surprised to know who's been reading Distant Cousin lately!

Hint: He's a voracious reader.

Hint: He knew Dean Martin, Ernest Borgnine, Johnny Carson, Nat King Cole, Sammy Davis Junior, and a thousand other Hollywood stars.

Hint: He shared billing with the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show, one of his 40 appearances there.

Hint: He was awarded the Soldier's Medal for bravery in WWII.

Hint: He was a regular for years on Hollywood Squares.

Hint: His standard greeting is "Hello dere!"

Hint: He's a sweet, friendly, intelligent man.

Hint: Here's a recent photo. (He's on the left.)

Answer: He's comedy legend Marty Allen!

Learn more about this funny, wonderful man at his website, and also Wikipedia.

Learn more about the entertaining book he's reading here.

Learn more about the extraterrestrial woman in that book here!


EMP said...

Exciting stuff, and great pictures!

Vampyre said...

Howdy Al,

I was ust wondering if there's a umber 7 coming out. I've loved all 6 of the Distant cousin books.

Congrats on selling the right to an agent. I hope he's able to make something good happen.



Al said...

Hi there, Bob! Good to hear from you. Yes, there will be a volume seven--it's now five or six chapters along. The matter of a TV series also has promise: a producer/writer is looking at them now and realizing the possibilities readers have noted for years. I agree with both parties. There is plenty in the six, soon to be seven, stories, to fuel a wonderful series of characters and adventures. There's also a lot that may not translate easily: the family intimacy and the food, for example. But whatever, everything continues to be available to readers for much less than the price of a movie ticket. Lately, some fans have been rereading them!
Best wishes, Bob!