Sunday, July 27, 2014

What do a ten year old and a journalist have in common?

Both are fans of Distant Cousin, and Ana Darcy!

The column above explains how Ana's stories prompted the reporter and her daughter to vacation in West Texas, where they had a wonderful time seeing the McDonald Observatory, other places Ana has been, and some she has not been (yet). Quite a few readers have commented on how West Texas and southern New Mexico come alive in her books. Ms. Jackson goes on to say she's no sci-fi devotee, but that the Distant Cousin stories are "more a mirror in the face of humanity than a loving gaze at the stars," something noted by other readers as well. She also points out "there are government shenanigans. And there's treachery. And there's romance."

The ten year old, an avid reader and happy Kindler, found himself on vacation with quiet time to read before bed. As far as we know he is the youngest reader yet to enjoy Ana's adventures. The oldest fan is ninety-five. That's quite a range!

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