Thursday, July 31, 2014

Distant Cousin a movie? It could happen! (PART 2)

Announcing the purchase of the movie and television rights to the Distant Cousin stories by an agent in Hollywood!

The many readers who said they saw a movie playing in their heads while they were reading may some day get the chance to compare visions. Those who are not readers may come to see the fun they have been missing!

It's wonderful that an agent in the entertainment industry believes the Distant Cousin books would make a terrific movie. He also says the set contains enough material to supply a whole television series. As an extra plus, his wife loves the chronicles of Ana Darcy's family too!

There is no movie deal yet, to be sure. All the daunting caveats that were mentioned in Part 1 remain. Many, many steps must be completed before anyone goes to the theater.

BUT: note that the same advantages mentioned in Part 1 also apply! We readers have a screen between our ears, perhaps the best screen there is--it enables us to enjoy our personal movie or movies any time we wish.

Best of all, for Kindle readers and readers using other e-devices, you can be reading Distant Cousin in one minute for less than the cost of movie theater popcorn. In fact, the six volume Distant Cousin set, a whole television season at least, can be enjoyed for about the cost of one movie ticket, a drink, and popcorn!

For more information contact Jack Silver, Silver Management, 310-889-7939 or

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