Monday, July 2, 2012

More textile sculpture: Mexican dolls!

Ana found these stunning handmade Mexican folk dolls at a friend's home and fell in love with them immediately. The one on the right is eight inches (20 cm) tall. Two have tiny babies slung on their backs!

Ana says the people on Thomo, her home planet, have nothing resembling a "toy industry," and mothers (and grandmothers) tend to make dolls and toys for their youngsters. Some Thoman clothing, she says, even resembles the Mexican styles seen here. (Click to enlarge.) 

She admits regretting that she had nothing this precious for her own daughter, but she's going to try to collect some now. It's never too late!

See much more of the textile art of Earth Ana has enjoyed below. You will notice that most of it is Latin in nature, from Central and South America. That's because Ana lives in a Mexican-American household in New Mexico. She would welcome reader suggestions for more textile folk art from other parts of the world!

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