Tuesday, March 20, 2012

More photos of Ana's first official home on Earth: Barbados

Ana Darcy Méndez has always had a soft spot in her heart for the island nation of Barbados. Barbados was the first country to offer her citizenship after she landed on Earth (though it is true they did not know at the time she was from another planet). The credit for that goes to her lawyer friend Harvey Braithwaite, who convinced the ministers of government there that it would be a good idea to give her an official home (in Distant Cousin). It wasn't until later that they realized just how good an idea it had been.

It was a good choice for Ana, too. She still loves the island and returns from time to time (as in Distant Cousin: Reincarnation). Barbados is the easternmost of the Windward Islands in the Caribbean Sea, only about fifteen miles wide and twenty five miles long. Ana loves the easygoing people and the beautiful beaches, hills, and sugar cane fields.

Here are some more scenes from Barbados. Thanks to Bill Brown, who took them on a recent trip to visit the site of one of his most pleasurable duty stations in his U. S. Naval career! (Right click to open in another tab for details.)

Above: an aerial view of the capitol, Bridgetown. Below, another aerial view showing the southern end of the island.

Below are a photo of a beachfront eatery very similar to the one where Ana and her friend Cheryl had lunch in Distant Cousin: Reincarnation, followed by one of the dishes the island is famous for, a flying fish sandwich (or "cutter," as it is called there). Below that, more typical scenes from this most beautiful place.

This photo is NOT reversed. Vehicles drive on the left!

There are many more photos of Ana's venues in the column to the right, under the picture of the blue-eyed kitty, including many from Barbados and the West Indies. West Texas and New Mexico, also central to Ana's history, are represented there as well.

If you haven't yet met Ana Darcy Méndez, this is your invitation!

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