Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Calling Area 51! Ana's pod sighted, or not?

Accounts of sightings of UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) are usually confused and contradictory, and of great interest to the public. Reports of one sighting, for example, over Henderson, Nevada, are even confused as to the date. One account claims it happened in 1997 , while another puts it in 1999. Henderson seems a hotbed of UFO sightings: YouTube has a video clip of a sighting over Henderson, Nevada in 1991.  See above.

That particular YouTube clip is of interest because unlike the others, which feature, apparently, an elaborate display of lights, this sighting can be said to resemble Ana Darcy Méndez's escape pod, carried in the vehicle that brought her from Thomo, her home planet 25 light years away, to our moon. She traveled from the moon to Earth in this escape pod and it has remained here where she uses it occasionally when she needs it.

The state of Nevada is known as the location of one or more highly secret government test sites, where new and strange flying machines are sometimes tested and occasionally glimpsed or even photographed. It's also the site of the famous Area 51, a supposed crash site of an extraterrestrial vehicle, complete with aliens. Nevada has a reputation as a sometimes wild and woolly place, with improbable events and unconventional people making occasionally startling news.

Still, the object in the video could be said to resemble Ana's pod either from the front or the back. Here is a description of it by one man who flew in it with Ana to perform a crucial mission in Distant Cousin: Reincarnation:

"The craft [about the size of a Chevrolet Suburban] sank slowly to head height, then waist height, then knee height, and smoothly floated inside the barn. He rolled the door shut behind it. The hum died away as it settled on its skids.
Even though he had been expecting something like this he stared at it in wonder. It looked like a cross between a streamlined egg and an SUV, with a completely smooth hull colored a mousy brownish-black as nearly as he could tell in the dimness. There were no exhaust nozzles or any sign of an engine anywhere about it, not a single antenna or pitot tube protruding. A few squares and circles possibly indicated doors or access hatches and there were groups of shallow depressions spaced evenly around it but it was otherwise cleanly aerodynamic. He’d read up on Thomans and their technology and he knew the vessel supposedly used gravity as an energy source, but this pod thing was a total puzzler; he couldn’t conceive of such a vehicle.
"There were several soft crunches and a mechanical click or two and a hatch in the side hissed upwards as Ana Darcy, his favorite extraterrestrial, stepped out."

We can claim with some confidence, however, that whatever the odd object is in that YouTube video, it is NOT Ana's escape pod. Although her pod is invisible to radar, it is perfectly observable if it is close enough to the observer--however, not only are Ana and her family extremely careful to keep it at too high an altitude to be seen during the daytime and they generally use it only during darkness, as far as we know they have never flown it over Nevada.

Some day, if we are very, very fortunate, photographs of Ana's pod may appear. In the meantime, we are sorry to say, you are more likely to win the lottery than lay eyes on Ana's Thoman runabout.

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