Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ana Attends An Extraordinary Art Exhibit

Several readers have been interested in Ana's tastes in art, and why not? Art is a window, not only to the artist and to the universe, but to the observer as well. Being from a different planet, Ana is the ultimate outside observer. She loves much of our art, music, and literature. She seldom misses any art exhibit in her area. She particularly loves museums. That also makes sense: we would surely be interested in a museum on Ana's planet, Thomo, and in Thoman music and literature as well.

A year or more ago, Ana was so deeply struck by an exhibit of paintings by a young artist from Meyersville, Texas, Claudia Quintero. that she returned to the show four times. The works were nearby, in a gallery not far from New Mexico State University in Las Cruces. She said she will never forget Ms. Quintero's paintings, and expressed regret that she did not purchase several at the time.

Ana surprised her husband by loving the series of paintings of buzzards on plates. Ana pointed out that the birds have a certain majesty, are beautiful in flight, are members of the same family as eagles and hawks, and perform a function that is necessary. Matt had to agree. Like any sensible husband with an intelligent wife, he adjusted his opinion.

Ms. Quintero has graciously allowed us to reproduce some of her works here. (Right click to enlarge.) There are more at Ms. Quintero's website. We think you'll find her art extraordinary too!

(See more of Ana's favorite art, music, and poetry in the column to the right.)


Danielle said...

Hi Al,
I just noticed that I couldn't find any links from your blog to buy your books, even on the posts about each book. You need to make it easier for Ana's new fans :)
I put a link on my Kindle facebook page too.

Al said...

I just checked, and all the links work for me. Mystery!
If anyone else has found dead links, please let me know!
Thanks, Danielle, twice!

Danielle said...

Okay, I found them now... they are quite hard to find on the sidebar, got a little buried over time. I'd put one near the top of the page, at least to book 1 if nothing else. :)