Sunday, January 23, 2011

Kitties! Servals, a caracal, and one house cat!

Sick of bad news? Need cheering up? Your distant cousin can do just that! Ana is her name--meet Ana, and see what others have said, about her, like this reader on the Kindle Boards:

“Things have been extremely difficult around here…. The adventures of the Mendez family provided a wonderful distraction. And the ending filled me with hope, for some inexplicable reason. I love the warmth and togetherness of the family.”

It might seem odd that an extraterrestrial would love Earth's cats, but then again--why not? Ana Darcy is completely human, yet we know cats have peculiar tastes in people. In any case, Ana's family happens to acquire a caracal, in Distant Cousin: Regeneration. Ana's editor sometimes thinks another of the cat family, a serval, would make a better choice. You will have to decide for yourself if a caracal worked out better for the Méndez family. Below you may see why servals are so attractive to some of us. (Note: there's a caracal in the third photo below.)

Julie has posted some new kitty pictures at and has graciously allowed us to reproduce some samples here. Our guess is that napping with a serval cat might separate the true cat lover from one who just likes having a cat or two around! Thanks, Julie!

There are many more kitty pictures in the Photo section of the Table of Contents on the right, including:

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