Sunday, January 30, 2011

It Happened Again! "You suck!"

The author of the Ana Darcy chronicles, your humble servant, was once memorably told by a reader, "You suck!"

Now it's happened again!

The other day, a reader wrote us this: "I couldn’t agree with [that other reader] more – You do suck! ...last night I decided to open your book.... It was after midnight when I finished I want to find out what happens [in the next book]."

Not to spoil anything, she goes on to give some examples of sections she especially enjoyed, concluding, "Thank you for a good bedtime chuckle....Your prophesy was correct. I did have fun with Distant Cousin."

Back to "that other reader." She fully enjoys the books she reads. She writes: "I have found I am the kind of reader that can really get something new from a story by reading it more than once. The first time through, I don't try to understand everything or put clues together, I just enjoy the story and get to know the characters. The second time I pick up more of the little details and the foreshadowing. By the third run through, knowing how the story goes and what will happen, I try to get into the minds of the characters and think about how I would respond in the same situation. You have such rich and three-dimentional characters, it is fun to try to imagine their lives."

The bottom line, for any who may not have guessed, is that we do not mind at all being said to suck, at least not by this caliber of readers!

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