Thursday, September 23, 2010

Uh-oh! Readers Write!

Here are a few reader comments over the last two months. We've included a representative sample on the most recent volume, Distant Cousin: Regeneration.
First, some comments on the entire series to date (DC1-DC4):
"Thank you so very much for such wonderful well written books. The books flow so easily you feel like you are a part of the family. You want to be a part of the family. However I am so sad that I have read the last one. My mom loved them and has read them all 3 times already. So they are a big hit with her as well as me.... I will be taking them on my vacation with me so I can read them all again."
"I finished the DC books. I liked them very much. I can’t wait until the next book!!!! I need to know what happens to [character]!"

Comments on DC1, Distant Cousin:
"...a unique take on the sci-fi genre, with a dash of romance. Well written and conceptually well thought out. Definitely a keeper!"
"This is a great book. I found it very engaging, not too heavy with a surprising sensitivity and humor blended in with the sci-fi excitement. I especially liked the positive out look on all the variety Earth has to offer, as a whole we get too comfortable with our own cultures and fail to explore other tastes, smells, textures and customs."
"I loved this book from the minute I picked it up. I usually don't go for Science Fiction books...they seem to be too outlandish or the authors try to make them too "alien" making up so many words and phrases that you lose your spot in the story. This book was nothing like that. It was a wonderfully written story with engaging characters, and I can't wait to read the rest of the series!"
"I like the books. I like the intimacy of reading the story and seeing it in my mind. I have so often been disappointed in what ends up on the screen. It isn't how I see it while reading or thinking about the story and it confuses it all. On the other hand, [a movie] would reach so many more people. Love the books- I can see the movie in my mind and doubt anyone else is seeing the same thing. AND- the Hollywood version might not allow Darcy to be the sweet innocent person she is."

Distant Cousin: Regeneration (DC4)
"This is definitely the best Ana Darcy book yet!"
"I stayed up and read the last half of DC4, really enjoyed it. I love her kids! and that cat. I want that cat but no way I could sneak it in past my neighbors LOL.... My sister wanted me to let you know that she has read DC1-DC4 in less than a week. She really enjoyed them and said if you weren't already writing DC5 she'd hunt you down....Guess she really enjoyed the series. We both were getting a kick out of Darcy and Matt."
"Over all I give [Distant Cousin: Regeneration] 5 1/2 stars out of five. It was my favorite so far! I like stories that focus on the characters, and not around a central plot. It makes the characters seem more real and it's easy to become emotionally invested in their well being. How can you not like a story when you are actually worried about the characters?"
"You have a great way of balancing the action of the story with the personal experiences of the characters which sets the action in motion. Great ending too."
"Awesome!!! I am 3/4 through this book and am literally dragging my heels about finishing it. I ration myself. The story and characters are just so captivating."
"I love the ending--very cool! So thank you so much for the entertaining, beautifully-crafted read, which also made for lots of south-western nostalgia on my part."

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