Sunday, September 26, 2010

Did Aliens Mess With Our Nuclear Missiles?

A recent news item caught our attention: former Air Force officers and men are apparently about to break their years-long silence about UFOs fooling around American nuclear weapons sites.

A number of such supposed incidents are to be detailed, it is said. In one case, the alleged UFO, a glowing red object, hovered around a site with ten Minute Man missiles inside, scaring the blazes out of the guards, setting off alarms, and rendering all ten missiles unusable. The missiles were sixty feet underground at the time, protected with steel and concrete. (They were later restored to operability.)

The Air Force investigated and claimed there was no credible evidence for the event.

Ana Darcy Méndez is as puzzled by these conflicting claims as the rest of us, but with one big difference: she knows there are other intelligent beings out there. She IS one! The beings who transplanted her ancestors to Thomo are another set of known aliens. As far as Thoman history records, those beings were benign. So were the apparent visitors to the missile site, it seems. Some among us might even credit them with commendable intentions.

Ana, for one, does not automatically dread the possibility of contact with extraterrestrial aliens. As a human extraterrestrial alien, she holds her judgment and remains optimistic.

(See Stephen Hawking's comment about extraterrestrials here.)

(Asked about Area 51, Ana replies here.)

Was Ana's space pod sighted near Area 51?

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