Thursday, January 14, 2010

Old Award, New Seal!

The editor of PODBRAM has just begun issuing seals to go with his annual awards, and the award given to Distant Cousin in 2007 now has a spiffy seal to go with the announcement. Fancy! (And the intent of the award, pleasurability, is still true!)

By way of history, a while after that award was granted, the editor asked me to join the site as a reviewer, which I did, gladly. Today, PODBRAM is comprised of a varied and expert team of reviewers all dedicated to identifying and reviewing some of the best new independently published books. The current year's awards, based on eighty books read by the team over the year, are now posted at the site. For those looking for new and different authors, and for books which don't come out of a couple of giant book factories, PODBRAM is an excellent place to start.

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