Friday, September 18, 2009

Pictures: El Paso, New Mexican food

The top photo shows the interstate highway south of El Paso, toward Dallas and San Antonio. (Click to enlarge.) In Distant Cousin, Ana ran alongside it, starting from where the long, southern stretch begins, and continuing where it curves to the left, another twenty miles or so, to the rest stop. A long run!

There are more photos, including southern New Mexico and Ana's first sights on Earth, in the right column under the photo of the blue-eyed kitty.


Becca said...

yum! Home - how I miss it!!!

Al said...

Me too. Don't know whether I miss the mountains or the food more. I swear, I'm going to visit EP soon, and also drive up NM28 to check out Ana Darcy's area again. It better not be ruined!