Thursday, September 17, 2009

Maps of West Texas & Southern New Mexico

The map above (really a satellite photo) shows Las Cruces, New Mexico at the top. (RIght click to another tab for the full size image.) Our extraterrestrial heroine, Ana Darcy, lives among the green pecan groves which follow the Rio Grande just south of Las Cruces with her husband and family. See Distant Cousin for more about her!

Below is a photo of west Texas south of El Paso (seen above). (Right click to another tab to see the entire map.) The white patch on the road leaving Fort Davis (the red "A"), going up (north) diagonally to the left, shows the approximate location of the McDonald Observatory, where Ana first landed on Earth (and was kicked out, being thought crazy). The road south from Fort Davis (diagonally down to the right) leads to Alpine, where Ana hid from the FBI, local police, and Army Special Forces. The road crosses some mountains (the darker areas), to the right of which is the approximate location of the Williams ranch, which appears in Distant Cousin, Distant Cousin: Reincarnation, and Distant Cousin: Regeneration.

See more maps and photos from the stories in the column on the right.

Now, meet Ana Darcy!

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