Thursday, August 30, 2012

The variety of Ana's blog: food, art, education, & more!

First, why not take a peek at Distant Cousin? It won't hurt and you might love it, and her!

Matt, husband of the extraterrestrial Ana Darcy, models a Dia de los Muertos t-shirt. The legend says "Beautiful Mexico," and  "Man proposes, God disposes, and along comes Death and everything decomposes." (Matt and Ana love to bicycle down their country road.)

Ana loves the foods of Earth. Here she's arranged a fruit plate according to the color spectrum! See many of her recipes in the column on the right, under the photo of cranberry-apple pie!

Ana is a huge believer in early education, and especially in reading and math. Here are two young practitioners! 

More on early education: 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8

Ana loves the arts of the people of Earth, especially the Hispanic peoples (since she lives among them). Here's a mola and a painting of Don Quixote (oil on pine):

More of Ana's favorite art: molas   arpilleras clothing paintings  music

Language fun with Ana: Dichos   Mas dichos   Aun MAS dichos

"I have started reading Distant Cousin and I am charmed. It's been a breath of fresh air."

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