Saturday, December 3, 2011

Ana improvises frantically in the kitchen

If you have enjoyed looking over Ana's many recipes and cooking inspirations, you could be forgiven for thinking that Ana only meets with success in the kitchen. Like any creative cook, however, she does not always succeed. Being from another planet and another cooking culture, and having an original, quick mind, it is undeniably true she has done some wonderful things with the foods and flavors offered by the cuisines of Earth. Below, however, is an account of one of her experiments that got out of hand, and which she had to scramble to save. You should NOT try this at home!

Ana loves sweets and she loves pies and the opportunities they offer for creativity. She had finished a session of making pumpkin pies and found she had some filling left over. What to do with it?

She looked online, and decided to make cookies. She added a few ingredients and baked them into cake-like pumpkin cookies. They were tasty, but not attractive. What to do then?

She turned them into sandwich cookies using cream cheese frosting. These were delicious, but they looked like little hamburgers filled with mayonnaise. That was not what she wanted. What to do?

She decided to make them into cake bon-bons, as when one mixes up cake batter with frosting and shapes them into balls which are coated with chocolate. Although she was careful not to add too much frosting, she added too much frosting, resulting in a texture that, she said, had "the consistency of dog food that had been sitting in water for a day." Not good, even if it tasted good. In fact, it looked disgusting. There was no way to serve it to anyone. What to do?

She dumped it into a torte pan, baked it, let it cool, and flipped it out of the pan. It was not a handsome dish. NOW what to do??

She toasted coconut and pecan pieces, mixed them with brown sugar and cinnamon, topped it onto the torte, and drizzled white chocolate over it.

It was a "long journey," she said, but "worth the effort." We repeat: do NOT try this at home! See the photo above.

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