Wednesday, October 5, 2011

"Refreshingly different," and a reader comment in Spanish

Reader comments and reviews continue!

About Distant Cousin:

"Refreshingly different," says one reader: "What a nice surprise 'Distant Cousin' was - quite unique. It has humor, moves along at a pleasant pace, and...I found myself smiling the entire time I was reading it. There is a subtle wisdom and numerous life philosophies throughout this book. To sum it up: good story - thoughtful, comfortable, and fun!"

Of Distant Cousin: Recirculation:

One reader writes: "There are many good things that can be said of your writings, Ol' Man, but I never dreamed "prophetic" would come to mind. This book was published before [spoiler snip], right? This was a great surprise on its own, without being so in tune with the events of the last month or so. Maybe you have "el toque" or some such. I really had trouble putting the book down over the last few days. Good good!!!"

And a respected author writes "The beat goes on. Now that the Mendez kids are growing up in interesting (even unique) ways, fans of the Distant Cousins have a whole host of new adventures to look forward to. No. 5 entertains while forecasting the future of the series very well. It even takes a deft do-si-do around contemporary American military affairs. Nice work, as always."

And from a reader from South America, for whom English is a second language: "el libro es espectacular siempre antes de dormir tengo que leer algunas lineas no me puedo acostar sin leerlo, ya estoy por terminar." (The book is spectacular as always. Before going to sleep I have to read a few lines. I can't go to sleep without reading a little. I'm almost finished.")

Thanks to all!

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