Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Location Photos from Barbados

Ana Darcy visited the island nation of Barbados in Distant Cousin and Distant Cousin: Reincarnation (DC1 & DC3). The first two photos below are from the Caribbean side (the west side) of Barbados. The third is from the Atlantic side (the east side). In volume 3, Ana had lunch at a beachside restaurant with a friend, shown in the fourth photo. The last photo shows the approximate view from that restaurant. A party boat is at top center, and the port of Barbados is out of view to the right. Ana watched children play in the surf, which is slightly behind the camera.

See more photos from venues in the books in the column on the right, under the photo of the blue-eyed Siamese, and especially these, also from Barbados:

Other photos from the West Indies, including Barbados: part 1  part 2

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