Monday, May 9, 2011

Cats! Time for some caracals!

Raisin, the Méndez family's majestic caracal, is doing well as far as we know. Despite her keen, predatory appearance, she's actually a calm, sweet-tempered cat, unless alarmed.

Caracals, natives of Africa, are exceedingly rare elsewhere, even in zoos. When we asked at our local veterinarian's office if anyone knew what a caracal was, no one did! Yet they make good pets, provided one can make allowances for them, and there are licensed breeders who can provide them to qualifying customers. One of these is Julie's Jungle, in Florida. Anyone curious as to what special accommodations the mid-size cats require of an owner should go to the information page on her website.

Here are some photos of caracal kittens of various ages and several adults, from Julie's breeding stock, we believe. (Right click for the full size photos.) It's worth noting how all Julie's animals get along with each other, just as some cats can get along with some dogs. As with humans, proper upbringing is key.

Thanks, Julie!

(See more caracals, servals, lynxes, and house cats in the column to the right, under the photo of the blue-eyed Siamese kitty-->)

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