Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bonus! Baby Fox, Baby Fennec Fox!

On Thomo, Ana's home planet, dog-like creatures were widely feared. On Earth, she still doesn't care for dogs in general. That would include foxes (but not cats, fortunately--she and cats seem to share a wavelength). Ana likes her foxes in zoos. Others must think differently.

We had no idea that a fox might make a pet, but that turns out to be the case. Julie, of JuliesJungle, has a newborn fennec fox kit that she couldn't resist taking photos of with a cell phone. The fox weighs 4.5 ounces in the first photo and 5.5 ounces five days later in the second. Way cute!

Fennec foxes are natives of Africa and the smallest of the canids (1.5-3.5 pounds). They are the prey of, unfortunately, caracals among others, but at least they are not endangered. Here's a pair of adults. Would these make cute pets or what?

Thanks, Julie!

See more animals, including lots of cats, in the column on the right under the photo of the blue-eyed kitty.

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