Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Distant Cousin: Recirculation (DC5): Now Published!

Ana Darcy (née Anneyn Darshiell) was such a famously rebellious teenager that she was willing, if a bit daunted, to leave her own planet forever on her people's greatest-ever voyage of discovery, to planet Earth. The story of what happened to her after that is told in Distant Cousin, volume 1.

Now, sixteen years after she has made a home on her new planet--her ancestral planet--it's her turn: she has her own teenagers to contend with. Like their mother before them, and teenagers everywhere, they are growing fast and becoming adventurous, though perhaps not quite as in control of themselves as their parents might hope. When each gets in trouble, how will Ana and Matt be able to care for them if Ana herself has disappeared halfway around the globe?

Distant Cousin: Recirculation (Amazon, paperback)

Distant Cousin: Recirculation (Amazon, Kindle edition)

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