Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Welcome to the Amazonians!

Ana's blog will now be a part of her editor's page at Amazon.com, where her stories have been extremely popular with Kindle owners! It's easy to see why: the Kindle is the premier e-book reader, especially suited for recreational reading, and the Distant Cousin series is budget priced for the Kindle. In fact, the whole series, not even counting Amazon's current sale prices for it, adds up to 14% of the price of a new K-3. You could buy the Distant Cousin series seven times and it would pay for your Kindle! Not that you would do that, but it does illustrate what a bargain the Kindle is, and what the millions of books available for it can yield in savings.

Amazon customers new to Ana Darcy's blog, at Blogspot, will find a wealth of information about Ana herself and her stories: maps, photos of places she's been, some of her favorite recipes, pictures of her cats and other cats, poetry she enjoys, and even music she loves, including the Distant Cousin theme song. It's also where the fifth volume in the Distant Cousin series will be announced, early in 2011. There's also information on the new Distant Cousin Kindle skin from Decal Girl!

In the meantime, we've heard an interesting characterization from one Kindle owner who apologized for taking so long with it. He was going to read just the first volume, but found himself reading the entire series first. Here's what he said:

"I have read a lot of science fiction in the past, and this had a completely different (and believable) spin. It lacked the “techno babble” that I often enjoy, but, if we can’t understand gravity propulsion anyway I suppose it's not necessary to explain it.

"The series was a compelling, heartwarming and sometimes scary page turner.

"Well done sir. I was entertained."

Thank YOU, sir. And welcome to our Amazon visitors!

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