Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New Kitties! Servals, & a Tiger Cub!

Thanks again to Julie's Jungle for the lovely, fresh pictures of some of her cats and kittens!

The top photo shows a half-grown serval fully involved in play.

The second photo shows a new litter of serval kittens. Adult servals can weigh 30-40 pounds and jump eight feet straight up. They make affectionate, very lively pets. Can anyone identify the non-serval visitor in this pile of critters?

The third picture should be obvious. It's a tiger cub. Julie's Jungle doesn't raise tigers. This cub, which belongs to zoo friends, was just visiting. Notice the size of the paws on this little baby!

Not pictured this time around is one of Julie's caracal cats. A caracal is a character in Distant Cousin: Regeneration. See one of those here.

Serval kittens: 1 2 3 4

A serval and a caracal

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