Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Dessert Idea

We have it on good authority that Ana has been thinking about desserts. She was inspired by an article she read about a chef who wanted to make nutricious desserts for children (and adults) without using chocolate, white sugar, or nuts (NOT like the picture above--sorry!).

The article mentioned the granola-like bars he came up with, although, unfortunately, it didn't include the recipe. All we know is that it did include toasted oats, crushed sesame seeds, and dried fruit. That was enough to start Ana experimenting.

It sounds very promising, although we lack the confidence to try it ourselves. Perhaps we shall be able to provide more information at a later date--or perhaps an adventurous cook out there will give it a try. If you find it works, please let us know!

Find more recipe ideas in the right column, under the photo of the cranberry-apple pie-->

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