Sunday, April 18, 2010

Easy (?) Cat Puzzle

Here are some new kitties born at Julie's Jungle this month. Can you name the species of cat? You can if you've been following this blog. They're graceful, beautiful, and make active, affectionate pets.

To be sure, you shouldn't mind if your kitty jumps to top of your refrigerator, the better to check things out. You also shouldn't mind the occasional, playful snag. Note the spot of blood on Julie's arm, and the claws on the wee kitty to the right. Pointy bits aside, it's all in good fun.

We have no knowledge that Ana's family is looking to include one of these gorgeous cats in their menagerie. Then again, we have no knowledge that they're NOT!

You'll find the answer to this puzzle, if you need it, and a look at what they grow up to be, here. There are lots more pictures of these wonderful cats, and several other unusual species, in the right column under the picture of the blue-eyed Siamese.

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