Saturday, February 13, 2010

Toot, toot! Second Verse!

The Distant Cousin books continue to be particularly popular with Kindle owners. Here are some recent comments from members of the Kindle Boards:

"...the three [Distant Cousin] books that I mentioned have been the only books that I've read on the Kindle to this day that were able to fully sustain my interest from the beginning all the way to the end...I have to thank you for such a great book, just thinking about it makes me very happy."

"...I have absolutely no idea where [Distant Cousin: Repatriation] is going. You also get bonus points for making me laugh multiple times, the Lehrman bit was particularly funny."

"Ana Darcy is one of my favorite characters."

"What a fascinating concept you have developed."

"These are excellent books and are at a very good price. The first volume made my Top 10 list for 2009. I like the premise of the books and Al is quite good at descriptive passages. A good part of the books takes place in West Texas and it's easy to have a movie running in my head as I'm reading...."

"Darcy has been keeping me company. I am re-reading from the beginning before I start #4 just because...I forget bits and pieces. It's just as good the second time aorund if not better!"

"I just finished reading Distant Cousin. Although science fiction usually is not my favorite genre, I enjoyed the novel very much. It was not overly technical, and mixed romance in nicely with the story of the extra-terrestrial. Also the book was driven more by character than by plot, which is something that I like. I am looking forward to reading more about Darcy and Matt. Thank you for writing their story."

"I just finished Distant Cousin and loved it! I can't wait to read the rest of the series. Great storyline, loveable characters, I really liked seeing how the characters developed and their interactions with each other. I was pulled into the story and wanted to stay there. I hated having to stop reading for such mundane activities as work, but since they give me a paycheck...."

"...this is a great sci-fi series and has a little something for everyone, a little action, a little suspense, a little romance, and it also really shows how the characters develop and interact with each other and I really like that."

"...there are only a few books that I tend to think about or miss the characters after reading so that says a lot about your book!"

" is all your fault that I have dirty dishes and no laundry done. I am 79% thru with Distant Cousin, it's a really good read so far and I can't wait to see what happens next!"

"I'm 80% through Reincarnation, I think this is my favorite so far, EXCELLENT read."

"I just finished Distant fact I was up half the night just to finish it! It was wonderful!"

"I have read yours twice already and am sure I will read them all again. They are nice and soft and don't give me nightmares, and leave me with a fuzzy feeling. So there!"

"Loved these stories. I certainly intend to reread the three books that I have!"

"I would recommend the book to any of you who like science fiction with some romance and adventure thrown in. No little green men/women will be involved, but there will be characters about whom you will care a great deal." [Later] "The author does a great job of capturing the essence of New Mexico...I am really glad that I decided to give Al's book a try, and hope that others will do the same."

"I have been wondering when the 4th book would be out...but I've been so busy READING all the books I've downloaded this is the first I've even been on in a while. I loved the first three and am looking forward to the next one! Even though I promised myself I would not buy any more books until I've read most of the multitude I've downloaded, obviously Distant Cousin: Regeneration will be an exception!"

"I really enjoy your books and love the characters.... I had a 3 hour break today between classes and was only going to read for an hour and then do some homework. Well that plan got shot to heck when Darcy [spoiler snip]. I had to keep reading. It worked out ok, the book ended just before my next class started. Good thing is wasn't longer, I would have missed my class!"

"Stumbled across Distant Cousin back around the 4th of July and decided to give it a try. Got seriously and quickly sucked in and then ran through the remaining three in the next week or two. Very good enjoyable reads!!!"

"Distant Cousin is one of the best series around...."

"As far as sci-fi's go, it's very light on the sci part. I mean, you really don't get bogged down in techy stuff at all & there's a great story in there."

" is a great work, and can't be called sci-fi, but a great story. Move it to the top of your TBR list you (and) you will not regret it."

"...I just finished DC: Regeneration. Loved, Loved, Loved it!!! I feel that this book held up the story line that the first 3 started and even ramped up the drama."

(Chapter 1 of Toot Toot the Hoot here.)

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