Sunday, December 6, 2009

Another Favorite Poem: "Lute Music," by Kenneth Rexroth

Here's another poem Ana likes. For those interested in analyzing her tastes, you can detect that music is one element: lute music is the inspiration for this one. Ana loves the rich, stringy sound of the lute, which resembles an instrument on her native Thomo. (The Distant Cousin theme song is played on a theorbo, a bass lute with 18 strings, and you can easily hear the spectrum-wide resonance of the instrument on this clip, as well as the fugal nature of the piece, another thing she loves about our music.) Another element, not surprising given her history, is astronomy, and that is also present in "Lute Music." Finally, there is love, central in the poem in an intimate, physical sense. Readers of the series will know that love is central to Ana, too.

There are several excellent music clips of music for lute and theorbo (a base lute) elsewhere on Ana's blog: more lute music.

Meet Ana, the extraterrestrial who has favorite recipes and art as well as music!

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