Thursday, January 13, 2011

Holiday Pizza with Texas Caviar, and the Aftermath

Ana discovered a dish called "Texas caviar" at a Christmas party some years ago, and loved it immediately. She fixes it most years for New Year's because it contains black-eyed peas for good luck. It contains many other things too: avocado, hominy, and more, too many to mention. Google it and you will instantly find many, many recipes for it. It's usually used as a dip, with chips of various kinds.

Ana, however, realized it would be good as a pizza topping! The different flavors which blend so well as a dip also go well with the tomato sauce and pizza dough. Ana makes hers a vegetarian pizza, but there's no reason one couldn't add a zesty sausage or even pepperoni to taste. To support the lively flavors (including some green chilies), Ana chose a smoked gouda to top it.

Making several kinds of pizza at once, however, has its cost. See the picture.

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