Saturday, July 1, 2017

MORE music! A World Premier composition!

Announcing an original composition for Ana Darcy, a five movement suite for harpsichord (or piano), with each movement based on the style of a different baroque composer: Partita on Simple Gifts, by Larry Wallach, of Simon's Rock College of Bard.

Bruce Adolphe, the creator of hundreds of Piano Puzzlers for NPR, has called this piece one of the best such puzzlers he has heard. Ana's editor thinks the second one is in the style of J. S. Bach, but Mr. Adolphe says the third closely imitates another work of that gentleman. You are free to make your own guesses.

They are short. All five take less than seven minutes together. The first establishes the theme of the well-known Shaker hymn. The second offers it in intimate counterpoint. The three that follow employ increasingly elaborate and inventive variations, but no one need analyze too long. It's best to just enjoy and let them build.

We are honored to have the world famous harpsichordist Rebecca Pechefsky perform this first recording. (Composer Larry Wallach was the first to perform it in concert for a live audience.)  You may also like dozens of Ms. Pechefsky's masterful recordings at YouTube, on the Quill Channel.


You may also enjoy more of Ana Darcy's musical favorites under the music staff in the column on the right, towards the bottom.

Monday, June 26, 2017

A Musical Interlude: Bach's Little Fugue, BWV 573!

Hollywood is still working out the business of the Distant Cousin series--after all, if each book took a year to be written, how long will a TV series of five of the seven books take? So here's a slight change of pace, just for fun.

Earlier we mentioned the first book that Ana's editor published was a book of over 40 baroque duets, arranged from works of Bach, Handel, Vivaldi, and others. It was intended to address the sad lack of challenging, fun music for two players. If there are are musicians reading this, I hope they have experienced the delight of playing well with a duet buddy. The duets in this book are mostly advanced with a fair number of intermediate ones mixed in. There are many delights.

 My own duet buddy, back when I was lively enough to play them (and also, alas, before the ubiquity of cell phone videos and digital sound recording.), called the book "Killer Duets," because they usually left us puffing.

In another post we offered one of those duets in printable form for duet buddies to actually try out. Now it is our great pleasure to present two outstanding musicians playing this very duet: Drs. Scott Hagarty and Mary Thornton. They said they had fun making it. You may click on that link and follow the music with them!

NOTE: This "Little Fugue" is counterpoint; that is it has two melodies at the same time, back and forth all the way through. Listen for them!  Ana Darcy loves this. Many people do. WHY?

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Amazon's Package Deal!

May 9, 2017
Just in, a terrific deal from Amazon: the entire seven Distant Cousin volumes to date, in one neat, highly affordable set!

Only Amazon knows how long it will be offered, but for entertainment value as well as convenience, right now it's hard to beat this offer from Amazon. It's a summer reading bonanza!

(Yes, it could, in fact. Episodes have been scripted and seasons laid out. Watch this space for future developments!)